Level Up Your Social Media Game: Creating a Link Hub

Posted by Eric Aaberg January 26, 2021 in Marketing

Welcome to my Level Up Your Social Media Game – a series of articles where I will be giving you my knowledge, expertise, and tips from managing numerous brand social media accounts over the years to help YOU grow your own social media game! Oh and don’t worry… these tips can be applied to BOTH your personal social media channels (let’s go personal branding!!!) and your brand’s social media channels. In this article, I’m going to show you how to create a Link Hub in under 60 seconds.



Also known as a “social media link landing page” you can link of a Link Hub a single webpage that your visitors, audience, followers, etc. can visit to conveniently access numerous links (rather than just one). Since you can only have 1 link in your account profile’s bio on platforms like Instagram & TikTok, and can’t even share links outside of your bio on Instagram, having a Link Hub is VERY beneficial towards trafficking your audience to where you want them to go! This could be your personal website, other social media accounts, email address, Discord Server, or if you’re a business: merchandise website, shopping carts, etc.!

Let me lay out the benefits:

  • More additional links you can have at a time on your profile (basically “bypassing” that 1-link restriction in your bio on Instagram)
  • Creating a super-clean and customizable page to rep your personal brand / company brand.
  • Analytics to allow you to make data-driven decisions.
  • More customers/followers clicking your links*
  • And so much more…


Now that you’ve heard the benefits of creating a Link Hub, I’m going to walk you through how to get one (and for FREE)! For my personal preference, I use beacons.ai as it has way more features than what I’ve used to use (Linktree) and has tons of more customization/analytics for your social media game leverage. Oh hey! Use my link and you’ll get $20 of credit if you decide to upgrade your Beacons.ai account (totally optional)!

  • Head over to beacons.ai to create your account.
  • Select your @username (this will be used for your link hub URL such as beacons.page/erictigerawr)
  • Enter your name, email address, and create a password.
  • Magic Setup: Enter your current social media usernames for Beacons to automatically generate a theme + content for you!

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll want to go through and start customizing your Beacons Link Hub to your liking! Since for this demo I was creating a Link Hub for my Photography

Account, I went ahead and set a background (I used a picture from Aubrey & Colby’s Graduation Photoshoot, we stan the cute doggos), added a little bio about myself, and added my email

address to the social icons that are displayed on the top of my page. Overall, the pre-generated theme Beacons gave me was great! Saved me a lot of time and didn’t really have to change much in 

the appearance settings.

Boom, Now We’re Done!

Whhaattt whatttttt!!! You have now finished creating your own Link Hub and can now set it in all of your social media account bios! When you’re wanting to update or add a link, simply just visit the Beacons Account website and add/remove anything to your liking. Oh yeah, and analytics? Those will show!

Bonus tip for large influencers or brand accounts: Prefer to rep your brand more in your bio? If you have a company-branded link shortener, create something like yourdomain.com/links to redirect your beacons page! I use https://erictigerawr.com/links that way customers are still seeing my domain in my bio!