My Speculation of Discord’s Rebrand – May 2021

Posted by Eric Aaberg May 11, 2021 in Marketing

Please note that this image is NOT official, but a simple mock-up I created to share my “speculation” of what Discord *might* be doing – take this as a grain of salt. ^-^ This is not official, this is just me being fascinated with branding as a college marketing student – this stuff excites me lol.

With Discord pushing out a few UI changes here and there in the past few days, updating the Partner Icon + Discord Staff Icon in-app and other color changes… my speculation (as a marketing student) is that Discord will be transitioning from the iconic “blurple” to a darker, deeper, vibrant blue.

Why would Discord rebrand? You might ask yourself, why would a company such as Discord switch from its iconic color? Well like any company rebranding to something simpler, more modern, or more appealing – it’s maybe just for more “vibrance”, or all a part of a master plan. If you also compare the new Twitter Banner (in the image above) to the original Discord logo + wallpapers, it just comes off as more “cleaner” and modern IMO.

I mean just as Discord shifted away as marketing itself just as a platform for “gamers” only, it’s grown popularity so much to the general public. Branding is what attracts new customers, reinforces your company’s mission, and brings in new opportunities. (ie. PS5 x Discord)

Color has a HUGE psychology in brand development, so my speculation is that Discord will be officially rebranding to this new color + announcing some new things for their birthday Thursday.

So yeah that’s my idea/speculation, what do you all think? Also, regardless of whatever change please remember that the Discord Team are humans and are hard at work making improvements, whatever happens, treat it with love <3